The Printed Memory

Recently,  there was a special on PBS about the White House Photographers through the last few presidents. They were recounting stories that were the highlights of their years photographing and documenting the president and his family and staff. There was one part in particular that really stood out to me and it solidified mine and Connie's heartfelt belief that portraits need to be printed and displayed for their full impact and enjoyment.

The documentary confirmed this when they described the changing of the photographs on the walls that occurred several times each year and said it was a HIGHLIGHT DAY out of all of the things that happened in the White House. All of the staff came  in to see the new images-it was like an unveiling of a famous art piece. These photographs were large, framed images that the photographer picked out to be displayed on the walls. People milled around, chatting, laughing and commenting on each image. You could see the joy and excitement on their faces. Isn’t that the reaction we want with our images? Can you imagine if the White House photographer brought these images in on his iPhone or iPad for the unveiling? Somehow it just wouldn't be the same.

So, this brings me to the same conclusion that Connie and I have been talking to our clients about for many years and that is that portraits need to be printed, framed and hung on the wall for the ultimate personal enjoyment. Thinking about my own experience, I love walking through our den, seeing the portraits of our two dogs who passed away over the past several years. What memories! Then I walk to other rooms of our home and see the portraits of our girls. My, how different they looked at that age. I remember how beautiful our daughter Amy looked in her bridal gown as I enjoy her “framed and printed” wedding  portrait. Continuing through the house, I see the portrait we did of our daughter Emily and the experience of that session (She was 15, need I say more?). Memories…. In our bedroom, the images there celebrate our marriage through the years with images of the two of us at various times in our lives.

Each time I look at these images, the pleasure I receive is priceless. That is the value of a printed piece versus a digital rendition. Do we have digital images anywhere in our home? Actually, we did have a digital frame in the kitchen, rotating our snapshots of Christmas from last year, but it stopped working after several months. But for us, that is where digital imagery fits…it helps us display our snapshots, but it will never take the place of beautifully printed and framed portraits of our family.

If this is how you feel, we would love to help you accomplish that.


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